February 21st All Events

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February 21st, 2008 (February 21 2008)DeathSunny Lowry, First British woman to swim the English Channel (born in 1911)
February 21st, 2008 (February 21 2008)DeathBen Chapman, American actor (born in 1928)
February 21st, 2007 (February 21 2007)EventItalian Prime Minister Romano Prodi resigns from office. His resignation is rejected by the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano.
February 21st, 2005 (February 21 2005)DeathAra Berberian, American opera singer (born in 1930)
February 21st, 2005 (February 21 2005)DeathGerard Bessette, Quebec novelist and poet (born in 1920)
February 21st, 2005 (February 21 2005)DeathGuillermo Cabrera Infante, Cuban novelist (born in 1929)
February 21st, 2005 (February 21 2005)DeathEugene Scott, American religious broadcaster (born in 1929)
February 21st, 2004 (February 21 2004)EventThe first European political party organization, the European Greens, is established in Rome.
February 21st, 2004 (February 21 2004)DeathJohn Charles, Welsh footballer (born in 1931)
February 21st, 2004 (February 21 2004)DeathGuido Molinari, Canadian artist (born in 1933)
February 21st, 2003 (February 21 2003)DeathEddie Thomson, Scottish football player and coach (born in 1947)
February 21st, 2002 (February 21 2002)DeathHarold Furth, Austrian-born physicist (born in 1939)
February 21st, 2002 (February 21 2002)DeathJohn Thaw, English actor (born in 1942)
February 21st, 2000 (February 21 2000)DeathAntonio Diaz-Miguel, Spanish basketball coach (born in 1933)
February 21st, 1999 (February 21 1999)DeathGertrude B. Elion, American scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1918)
February 21st, 1999 (February 21 1999)DeathWilmer David Mizell, baseball player (born in 1930)
February 21st, 1996 (February 21 1996)DeathMorton Gould, American composer (born in 1913)
February 21st, 1995 (February 21 1995)EventSteve Fossett lands in Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada becoming the first person to make a solo flight across the Pacific Ocean in a balloon.
February 21st, 1994 (February 21 1994)DeathJohannes Steinhoff, German fighter pilot & NATO commander (b.1913)
February 21st, 1991 (February 21 1991)DeathDame Margot Fonteyn, English ballet dancer (born in 1919)Margot Fonteyn Quotes
February 21st, 1989 (February 21 1989)BirthCorbin Bleu, American actor and singer
February 21st, 1989 (February 21 1989)BirthKristin Herrera, American actress
February 21st, 1989 (February 21 1989)BirthScout Taylor-Compton, American actress
February 21st, 1989 (February 21 1989)BirthJosh Walker, English footballer
February 21st, 1989 (February 21 1989)DeathAlex Thepot, French footballer (born in 1906)
February 21st, 1987 (February 21 1987)BirthEllen Page, Canadian actress
February 21st, 1987 (February 21 1987)BirthBurgess Abernethy, Australian Actor
February 21st, 1986 (February 21 1986)BirthCharlotte Church, Welsh singer
February 21st, 1986 (February 21 1986)BirthPrince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este
February 21st, 1986 (February 21 1986)DeathHelen Hooven Santmyer, American writer (born in 1895)
February 21st, 1986 (February 21 1986)DeathShigechiyo Izumi, Japanese sugarcane farmer, also the world s oldest man ever (born in 1865)
February 21st, 1985 (February 21 1985)BirthBob Burton, American speedcuber
February 21st, 1985 (February 21 1985)BirthGeorgios Samaras, Greek footballer
February 21st, 1985 (February 21 1985)DeathLouis Hayward, British actor (born in 1909)
February 21st, 1984 (February 21 1984)BirthAndrew Ellis, New Zealand rugby union player
February 21st, 1984 (February 21 1984)BirthDavid Odonkor, German footballer
February 21st, 1984 (February 21 1984)BirthKarina, Japanese model and actress
February 21st, 1984 (February 21 1984)DeathMichail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov, Russian writer, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1905)
February 21st, 1983 (February 21 1983)BirthBraylon Edwards, American football player
February 21st, 1983 (February 21 1983)BirthFranklin Gutierrez, Venezuelan baseball player
February 21st, 1982 (February 21 1982)BirthBernhard Auinger, Austrian racing driver
February 21st, 1982 (February 21 1982)DeathMurray the K, American impresario and disc jockey (born in 1922)
February 21st, 1980 (February 21 1980)BirthBrad Fast, Canadian ice hockey player
February 21st, 1980 (February 21 1980)BirthJim Vandermeer, Canadian ice hockey player
February 21st, 1980 (February 21 1980)BirthParthiva Sureshwaren, Indian racing driver
February 21st, 1980 (February 21 1980)BirthTiziano Ferro, Italian singer
February 21st, 1980 (February 21 1980)DeathAlfred Andersch, German writer
February 21st, 1979 (February 21 1979)BirthPascal Chimbonda, French footballer
February 21st, 1979 (February 21 1979)BirthCarly "Carlito" Colon, Puerto Rican professional wrestler
February 21st, 1979 (February 21 1979)BirthLonnie Ford, American football player
February 21st, 1979 (February 21 1979)BirthJennifer Love Hewitt, American actress
February 21st, 1978 (February 21 1978)BirthPark Eun-hye, South Korean actress
February 21st, 1978 (February 21 1978)BirthKim Ha Neul, South Korean actress
February 21st, 1978 (February 21 1978)BirthNicole Parker, American actress
February 21st, 1978 (February 21 1978)DeathMieczyslaw Zywczynski, Polish historian and priest (born in 1901)
February 21st, 1977 (February 21 1977)BirthSteve Francis, American basketball player
February 21st, 1977 (February 21 1977)BirthChad Hutchinson, baseball and football player
February 21st, 1977 (February 21 1977)BirthKevin Rose, American television host and Internet entrepreneur
February 21st, 1976 (February 21 1976)BirthRyan Smyth, Canadian hockey player
February 21st, 1975 (February 21 1975)EventWatergate scandal: Former United States Attorney General John N. Mitchell and former White House aides H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman are sentenced to prison.John Mitchell Quotes
February 21st, 1974 (February 21 1974)EventThe last Israeli soldiers leave the west bank of the Suez Canal pursuant to a truce with Egypt.
February 21st, 1974 (February 21 1974)BirthIvan Campo, Spanish footballer
February 21st, 1974 (February 21 1974)BirthRoberto Heras, Spanish cyclist
February 21st, 1974 (February 21 1974)BirthWish Bone, American rapper, (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
February 21st, 1974 (February 21 1974)DeathTim Horton, Canadian hockey player (born in 1930)
February 21st, 1973 (February 21 1973)EventOver the Sinai Desert, Israeli fighter aircraft shoot down a Libyan Airlines jet killing 108.
February 21st, 1973 (February 21 1973)BirthHeri Joensen, Faroese musician
February 21st, 1973 (February 21 1973)BirthBowie Tsang, Taiwanese singer and TV host
February 21st, 1972 (February 21 1972)EventPresident Richard Nixon visits the People s Republic of China to normalize Sino-American relations.
February 21st, 1972 (February 21 1972)EventThe Soviet unmanned spaceship Luna 20 lands on the Moon.
February 21st, 1972 (February 21 1972)BirthSeo Taiji, Korean musician
February 21st, 1972 (February 21 1972)DeathBronislava Nijinska, Polish-Russian ballet dancer (born in 1891)
February 21st, 1972 (February 21 1972)DeathEugene Tisserant, French Catholic candinal (born in 1884)
February 21st, 1971 (February 21 1971)EventThe Convention on Psychotropic Substances is signed at Vienna.
February 21st, 1971 (February 21 1971)BirthRandy Blythe, American musician
February 21st, 1970 (February 21 1970)EventSwissair Flight 330: A mid-air bomb explosion and subsequent crash kills 38 passengers and nine crew members near Zurich, Switzerland.
February 21st, 1970 (February 21 1970)BirthMichael Slater, Australian cricketer
February 21st, 1969 (February 21 1969)BirthJames Dean Bradfield, Welsh musicianJames Dean Quotes
February 21st, 1969 (February 21 1969)BirthTony Meola, American footballer
February 21st, 1969 (February 21 1969)BirthEric Wilson, American musician
February 21st, 1968 (February 21 1968)DeathHoward Walter Florey, Australian-born pharmocologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1898)
February 21st, 1967 (February 21 1967)BirthLeroy Burrell, American runner
February 21st, 1967 (February 21 1967)DeathCharles Beaumont, American writer (born in 1929)
February 21st, 1966 (February 21 1966)DeathPaul Comtois, French Canadian politician (born in 1895)
February 21st, 1965 (February 21 1965)EventMalcolm X is assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City by members of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X Quotes
February 21st, 1965 (February 21 1965)DeathMalcolm X, American black activist (born in 1925) Malcolm X Quotes
February 21st, 1964 (February 21 1964)BirthMark E. Kelly and Scott J. Kelly, American astronauts
February 21st, 1964 (February 21 1964)BirthJane Tomlinson, British cancer campaigner (died in 2007)
February 21st, 1963 (February 21 1963)BirthWilliam Baldwin, American actor
February 21st, 1962 (February 21 1962)BirthVanessa Feltz, British television presenter
February 21st, 1962 (February 21 1962)BirthChuck Palahniuk, American writerChuck Palahniuk Quotes
February 21st, 1962 (February 21 1962)BirthDavid Foster Wallace, American writerDavid Foster Wallace Quotes
February 21st, 1961 (February 21 1961)BirthDavey Allison, American race car driver (died in 1993)
February 21st, 1961 (February 21 1961)BirthChristopher Atkins, American actor
February 21st, 1961 (February 21 1961)BirthMartha Hackett, American actress
February 21st, 1961 (February 21 1961)BirthBertha Faye, American wrestler (died in 2001)
February 21st, 1960 (February 21 1960)EventCuban leader Fidel Castro nationalizes all businesses in Cuba.Fidel Castro Quotes
February 21st, 1960 (February 21 1960)BirthSteve Wynn, American singer (
February 21st, 1960 (February 21 1960)DeathJacques Becker, French film director and screenwriter (born in 1906)
February 21st, 1959 (February 21 1959)BirthJose Maria Cano, Spanish musician
February 21st, 1959 (February 21 1959)BirthEmmett McAuliffe, American radio show host and lawyer
February 21st, 1958 (February 21 1958)EventThe Peace symbol is designed and completed by Gerald Holtom, commissioned by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, in protest against the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment.
February 21st, 1958 (February 21 1958)BirthJake Burns, Irish singer
February 21st, 1958 (February 21 1958)BirthMary Chapin Carpenter, American singer
February 21st, 1958 (February 21 1958)BirthJack Coleman, American actor
February 21st, 1958 (February 21 1958)BirthAlan Trammell, baseball player and manager
February 21st, 1958 (February 21 1958)DeathDuncan Edwards, English footballer (born in 1936)
February 21st, 1955 (February 21 1955)BirthSir Steven Fayburgh, British diplomat
February 21st, 1955 (February 21 1955)BirthKelsey Grammer, American actor
February 21st, 1954 (February 21 1954)BirthMike Pickering, English disc jockey and musician
February 21st, 1954 (February 21 1954)BirthIvo Van Damme, Belgian athlete (died in 1976)
February 21st, 1953 (February 21 1953)EventFrancis Crick and James D. Watson discover the structure of the DNA molecule.James D. Watson Quotes
February 21st, 1953 (February 21 1953)BirthChristine Ebersole, American actress
February 21st, 1953 (February 21 1953)BirthWilliam Petersen, American actor
February 21st, 1952 (February 21 1952)EventThe British government, under Winston Churchill, abolishes identity cards in the UK to "set the people free".Winston Churchill Quotes
February 21st, 1952 (February 21 1952)EventIn Dhaka, East Pakistan (present Bangladesh) police open fire on a procession of students that was demanding the establishment of Bengali as the official language, killing four people and starting a country-wide protest which led to the recognition of Bengali as one of the national languages of Pakistan. The day was later declared as "International Mother Language Day" by UNESCO.
February 21st, 1952 (February 21 1952)BirthJean Jacques Burnel, British musician
February 21st, 1951 (February 21 1951)BirthVince Welnick, American musician (The Grateful Dead) (died in 2006)
February 21st, 1949 (February 21 1949)BirthJerry Harrison, American musician
February 21st, 1949 (February 21 1949)BirthRonnie Hellstrom, Swedish footballer
February 21st, 1949 (February 21 1949)DeathTan Malaka, Indonesian nationalist activist and communist leader (born in 1894)
February 21st, 1948 (February 21 1948)EventNASCAR is incorporated.
February 21st, 1947 (February 21 1947)EventIn New York City, Edwin Land demonstrates the first "instant camera", the Polaroid Land Camera, to a meeting of the Optical Society of America.
February 21st, 1947 (February 21 1947)BirthJohnny Echols, American musician
February 21st, 1947 (February 21 1947)BirthOlympia Snowe, American politician
February 21st, 1947 (February 21 1947)BirthVictor Sokolov, Russian journalist (died in 2006)
February 21st, 1946 (February 21 1946)BirthTyne Daly, American actress
February 21st, 1946 (February 21 1946)BirthAnthony Daniels, British actorAnthony Daniels Quotes
February 21st, 1946 (February 21 1946)BirthAlan Rickman, English actor
February 21st, 1946 (February 21 1946)BirthBob Ryan, Boston sports columnist
February 21st, 1946 (February 21 1946)BirthVito Rizzuto, Sicilian-born alleged mafia boss
February 21st, 1946 (February 21 1946)DeathJose Streel, Belgian World War II collaborator (born in 1911)
February 21st, 1945 (February 21 1945)EventWorld War II: Japanese Kamikaze planes sink the escort carrier Bismarck Sea and damage the Saratoga.
February 21st, 1945 (February 21 1945)BirthPaul Newton, British musician
February 21st, 1945 (February 21 1945)BirthD Anna Fortunato, American mezzo-soprano
February 21st, 1945 (February 21 1945)DeathEric Liddell, Scottish runner (born in 1902)
February 21st, 1944 (February 21 1944)DeathFerenc Szisz, Hungarian-born race car driver (born in 1873)
February 21st, 1943 (February 21 1943)BirthDavid Geffen, American record producer
February 21st, 1942 (February 21 1942)BirthMargarethe von Trotta, German actress and film director
February 21st, 1941 (February 21 1941)BirthJames Wong, Hong Kong composer (died in 2004)
February 21st, 1941 (February 21 1941)DeathFrederick Banting, Canadian physician, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1891)
February 21st, 1940 (February 21 1940)BirthJohn Lewis, American politician and 1960s Civil Rights Movement activist
February 21st, 1940 (February 21 1940)BirthPeter Gethin, British racing driver
February 21st, 1938 (February 21 1938)DeathGeorge Ellery Hale, American astronomer (born in 1868)
February 21st, 1937 (February 21 1937)EventInitial flight of the first successful flying car, Waldo Waterman s Arrowbile.
February 21st, 1937 (February 21 1937)EventThe League of Nations bans foreign national "volunteers" in the Spanish Civil War.
February 21st, 1937 (February 21 1937)BirthKing Harald V of Norway
February 21st, 1937 (February 21 1937)BirthGary Lockwood, American actor
February 21st, 1936 (February 21 1936)BirthBarbara Jordan, American politician (died in 1996)
February 21st, 1935 (February 21 1935)BirthMark McManus, Scottish actor (died in 1994)
February 21st, 1935 (February 21 1935)BirthJean Pelletier, French Canadian political operative
February 21st, 1934 (February 21 1934)BirthRue McClanahan, American actress
February 21st, 1934 (February 21 1934)DeathAugusto Nicolas Calderon Sandino, Nicaraguan patriot (assassinated) (born in 1895)
February 21st, 1933 (February 21 1933)BirthNina Simone, American singer (died in 2003)
February 21st, 1929 (February 21 1929)BirthRoberto "Chespirito" Carlos Bolanos, Mexican actorRoberto Bolano Quotes
February 21st, 1929 (February 21 1929)BirthJames Beck, English actor (died in 1973)
February 21st, 1927 (February 21 1927)BirthErma Bombeck, American humorist (died in 1996)Erma Bombeck Quotes
February 21st, 1927 (February 21 1927)BirthHubert de Givenchy, French fashion designer
February 21st, 1927 (February 21 1927)BirthPierre Mercure, French-Canadian musician and composer (died in 1966)
February 21st, 1926 (February 21 1926)DeathHeike Kamerlingh Onnes, Dutch physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1853)
February 21st, 1925 (February 21 1925)EventThe New Yorker publishes its first issue.
February 21st, 1925 (February 21 1925)BirthSam Peckinpah, American director (died in 1984)
February 21st, 1924 (February 21 1924)BirthRobert Mugabe, President of ZimbabweRobert Mugabe Quotes
February 21st, 1921 (February 21 1921)EventConstituent Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Georgia adopts the country s first constitution.
February 21st, 1920 (February 21 1920)DeathJacinta Marto, witness of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima (born in 1910)
February 21st, 1919 (February 21 1919)EventKurt Eisner, German socialist, is assassinatedied in His death results in the establishment of the Bavarian Soviet Republic and parliament and government fleeing Munich, Germany.
February 21st, 1919 (February 21 1919)DeathKurt Eisner, German socialist (assassinated), leader of socialist revolution of 1918 in Bavaria (born in 1867)
February 21st, 1918 (February 21 1918)EventThe last Carolina parakeet dies in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo.
February 21st, 1917 (February 21 1917)BirthLucille Bremer, American actress (died in 1996)
February 21st, 1916 (February 21 1916)EventWorld War I: In France, the Battle of Verdun begins.
February 21st, 1915 (February 21 1915)BirthAnn Sheridan, American actress (died in 1967)
February 21st, 1913 (February 21 1913)BirthRoger Laurent, Belgian racing driver (died in 1997)
February 21st, 1912 (February 21 1912)EventIoannina is incorporated into the Greek state after the Balkan Wars.
February 21st, 1910 (February 21 1910)BirthDouglas Bader, British pilot (died in 1982)
February 21st, 1910 (February 21 1910)BirthCarmine Galante, Italian-born gangster (died in 1979)
February 21st, 1910 (February 21 1910)BirthEddie Waring, British sports commentator (died in 1986)
February 21st, 1907 (February 21 1907)BirthW. H. Auden, English poet (died in 1973)
February 21st, 1903 (February 21 1903)BirthFairfax M. Cone, American advertising executive (died in 1977)
February 21st, 1903 (February 21 1903)BirthAnais Nin, French writer (died in 1977)Anais Nin Quotes
February 21st, 1903 (February 21 1903)BirthRaymond Queneau, French poet and novelist (died in 1976)
February 21st, 1901 (February 21 1901)DeathGeorge Francis FitzGerald, Irish mathematician (born in 1851)
February 21st, 1900 (February 21 1900)BirthMadeleine Renaud, French theater actress (died in 1994)
February 21st, 1895 (February 21 1895)BirthCarl Peter Henrik Dam Danish biochemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1976)
February 21st, 1893 (February 21 1893)EventThomas Edison receives two U.S. patents for a "Cut Out for Incandescent Electric Lamps" and for a "Stop Device"
February 21st, 1893 (February 21 1893)BirthCelia Lovsky, Russian-born actress (died in 1979)
February 21st, 1893 (February 21 1893)BirthAndres Segovia, Spanish guitarist (died in 1987)
February 21st, 1888 (February 21 1888)BirthClemence Dane, British novelist and playwright (died in 1965)
February 21st, 1885 (February 21 1885)EventThe newly completed Washington Monument is dedicated.
February 21st, 1885 (February 21 1885)BirthSacha Guitry, Russian dramatist (died in 1957)Sacha Guitry Quotes
February 21st, 1880 (February 21 1880)BirthWaldemar Bonsels, German writer (died in 1952)
February 21st, 1878 (February 21 1878)EventThe first telephone book is issued in New Haven, Connecticut.
February 21st, 1878 (February 21 1878)BirthThe Mother, Indian spiritual leader (died in 1973)
February 21st, 1876 (February 21 1876)BirthPyotr Konchalovsky, Russian painter (died in 1956)
February 21st, 1875 (February 21 1875)BirthJeanne Calment, French supercentenarian and longest-lived human on record (died in 1997)
February 21st, 1874 (February 21 1874)EventThe Oakland Daily Tribune publishes its first newspaper.
February 21st, 1867 (February 21 1867)BirthOtto Hermann Kahn, German millionaire (died in 1934)
February 21st, 1865 (February 21 1865)BirthJohn Haden Badley, English school founder (died in 1967)
February 21st, 1862 (February 21 1862)DeathJustinus Kerner, German poet (born in 1786)
February 21st, 1860 (February 21 1860)BirthKarel Matej Capek-Chod, Czech journalist (died in 1927)Karel Capek Quotes
February 21st, 1860 (February 21 1860)BirthGoscombe John, Welsh sculptor
February 21st, 1848 (February 21 1848)EventKarl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish the Communist Manifesto.Karl Marx Quotes
February 21st, 1846 (February 21 1846)DeathEmperor Ninko of Japan (born in 1800)
February 21st, 1844 (February 21 1844)BirthCharles-Marie Widor, French composer (died in 1937)
February 21st, 1842 (February 21 1842)EventJohn Greenough is granted the first U.S. patent for the sewing machine.
February 21st, 1836 (February 21 1836)BirthLeo Delibes, French composer (died in 1891)
February 21st, 1824 (February 21 1824)DeathEugene de Beauharnais, son of Napoleon s wife, Josephine (born in 1781)
February 21st, 1821 (February 21 1821)BirthCharles Scribner, American publisher (died in 1871)
February 21st, 1821 (February 21 1821)DeathGeorg Friedrich von Martens, German diplomat (born in 1756)
February 21st, 1817 (February 21 1817)BirthJose Zorrilla y Moral, Spanish dramatist (died in 1893)
February 21st, 1804 (February 21 1804)EventThe first self-propelling steam locomotive makes its outing at the Pen-y-Darren ironworks in Wales.
February 21st, 1801 (February 21 1801)BirthJohn Henry Newman, English Catholic cardinal (died in 1890)
February 21st, 1794 (February 21 1794)BirthAntonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Mexican president (died in 1876)
February 21st, 1791 (February 21 1791)BirthCarl Czerny, Austrian composer (died in 1857)
February 21st, 1788 (February 21 1788)DeathJohann Georg Palitzsch, German astronomer (born in 1723)
February 21st, 1783 (February 21 1783)BirthPrincess Catharina of Wurttemberg, Queen consort of Westphalia (died in 1835)
February 21st, 1743 (February 21 1743)EventThe premiere of George Frideric Handel s oratorio, "Samson" takes place in London.George Frideric Handel Quotes
February 21st, 1730 (February 21 1730)DeathPope Benedict XIII (born in 1649)
February 21st, 1728 (February 21 1728)BirthTsar Peter III of Russia, husband of Catherine the Great (died in 1762)
February 21st, 1723 (February 21 1723)BirthLouis-Pierre Anquetil, French historian (died in 1808)
February 21st, 1721 (February 21 1721)BirthJohn McKinly, American physician (died in 1796)
February 21st, 1715 (February 21 1715)DeathCharles Calvert, 3rd Baron Baltimore, Governor of the Province of Maryland (born in 1637)
February 21st, 1705 (February 21 1705)BirthEdward Hawke, 1st Baron Hawke, British naval officer (died in 1781)
February 21st, 1677 (February 21 1677)DeathBaruch Spinoza, Dutch philosopher (born in 1632)Baruch Spinoza Quotes
February 21st, 1675 (February 21 1675)BirthFranz Xaver Josef von Unertl, Bavarian politician (died in 1750)
February 21st, 1668 (February 21 1668)DeathJohn Thurloe, English Puritan spy (born in 1616)
February 21st, 1613 (February 21 1613)EventMikhail I is elected unanimously as Tsar by a national assembly, beginning the Romanov dynasty of Imperial Russia.
February 21st, 1595 (February 21 1595)DeathRobert Southwell, English Jesuit priest and poet (executed)Robert South Quotes
February 21st, 1556 (February 21 1556)BirthSethus Calvisius, German calendar reformer (died in 1615)
February 21st, 1554 (February 21 1554)DeathHieronymus Bock, German botanist (born in 1498)
February 21st, 1543 (February 21 1543)EventBattle of Wayna DagaA combined army of Ethiopian and Portuguese troops defeats a Muslim army led by Ahmed Gragn.
February 21st, 1543 (February 21 1543)DeathAhmed Gragn, Sultan of Adal
February 21st, 1513 (February 21 1513)DeathPope Julius II (born in 1443)
February 21st, 1484 (February 21 1484)BirthElector Joachim I of Brandenburg (died in 1535)
February 21st, 1471 (February 21 1471)DeathJohn of Rokycan, Czech Catholic archbishop
February 21st, 1440 (February 21 1440)EventThe Prussian Confederation is formed.
February 21st, 1437 (February 21 1437)DeathKing James I of Scotland (born in 1394)
February 21st, 1245 (February 21 1245)EventThomas, the first known Bishop of Finland, is granted resignation after having confessed to torture and forgery.
February 21st, 0362 (February 21 0362)EventAthanasius returns to Alexandria.

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